Feb 18, 2024

Why do pro football players wear Mini Shin Pads?

If you haven't caught a glimpse of mini shin pads, let's clarify – they are precisely what the name suggests, tiny and small. Despite their seemingly child-sized design, these shin pads are used by adult footballers, and the question arises: why choose for such small protection? In this article we dive into the reasons behind the choice of tiny shin pads among the biggest football professionals.

Why Professional Footballers Prefer Mini Shin Pads?

Football regulations mandate the use of shin pads to ensure player safety. These protective accessories are designed specifically to shield shins from injuries. To comply with the rules, footballers opt for smaller shin pads. But what motivates them to choose the tiny versions over the standard ones?

1) The Comfort of Shin Pads

Footballers often find the traditional feel of shin pads uncomfortable, especially since they typically practice without them. The bulkiness and discomfort during the game, coupled with the sweaty sensation, steer footballers toward smaller shin pads. Unlike the traditional bulky Shin Pads, the Mini Shin Pads are ultralightweight and their compact design makes footballers not even notice them during the game, so they can solely focus on playing their best game.

2) Doubt in the Effectiveness of Shin Pads

Many footballers question the effectiveness of shin pads, believing they offer limited protection against serious injuries. While acknowledging their limited defense against severe injuries, shin pads do provide protection against cuts and slashes from opposing players. Despite this, some footballers choose to take the risk.

3) Impact on Player Competitiveness

Footballers contend that shin pads hinder their movement during competitive play, as they are accustomed to practicing without them. The use of mini shin pads allows them more fluid movement on the field, aligning with their practiced style. 

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Rules for Wearing Shin Pads

Certain requirements govern the use of shin pads, including:

- Shin pads must be covered by stockings.
- Shin pads must be constructed from materials like plastic, rubber, or other suitable materials.
- Shin pads must provide adequate protection.

The requirements do not mention a specific size, and for this reason the Jack Grealishes of this world can play with Shin Pads as small as a golf ball. As long as the Shin Pads are from suitable materials and are covered by the socks, u are good to go. 

In Summary

Professional footballers choose for shin pads primarily to comply to game regulations. The preference for tiny shin pads comes from a dislike about the discomfort and sweaty sensations of their larger counterpart.  Moreover, it allows for ease of movement and gameplay without compromising competitiveness. The increasing popularity of these revolutionary shin pads among footballers worldwide suggests a shift in the traditional approach to protective gear.